Superstitions about casinos

Various superstition may be found absolutely in all spheres of our lives. You may find them at online casinos as well.

Many players trust their intuition and do not start playing in “unlucky” days or hours. But, is it worth to trust the signs? The opinions of the players were divided into two groups, as always. The first group of players is really convinced that faith in the signs helps to save not only your wallet but also your mood. The other part of the players has a different point of view. In their opinion, signs and superstitions have no effect on the outcome of the game.

So, let’s look closer at that superstitions.

If you have a bad mood, it means that you do not have to even start playing online casino. Well, on the one hand, the logic of this sign is quite understandable. When a person has a bad mood, everything ruins, and the case ends in failure. But, is it possible to call this factor as a sing? It is unlikely that our mood is shaped by various external factors. In this case, we can conclude that you do not have to look at your mood. After all, the mood at any moment can become better or worth.

If you are not able to download the game for the first time then you do not have to start. This sign has just recently appeared and has already become quite popular among players in the online casino. In fact, the reason for this “sign” is the poor speed of the Internet and the failure of the program. It does not mean that you will lose.

If you lose several times in a row, then it means that you will lose until the end of the evening. I will argue with this statement. According to statistics, even experienced players do not win at the casino for 10 hours in a row. Casinos have a special algorithm, which makes impossible to win or lose for the whole time. You just need to be careful and to start playing at a right moment.